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Grea New JVzoo Pixal Review – Powerful Graphics Software To Create Amazing Graphics & Banners Using The Latest HTML5 Technology and Instantly Get 300% More Clicks From Your Website

Pixal – Powerful Graphics Software To Create Amazing Graphics & Banners Using The Latest HTML5 Technology and Instantly Get 300% More Clicks From Your Website

Pixal is a new graphics software was launched by Richard Fairbairn using the latest HTML5 technology that offers users the opportunity to create amazing, stunning and high profitable graphics and banners. Pixal software is sending shockwaves through the traffic world to help website owners engage more traffic, make more sales and make your website infinitely more clickable. This software has a full media library with over 250,000 graphics to use in designs with more being added all the time. Now you too can get 300% more clicks from your website instantly. The great thing about this Pixal software is that it not only builds the banners and graphics, but it hosts them for you too, but you can also add them into the campaign manager (which they are now including as a bonus for free). In there you can split test, rotate, check clicks and much more, of any banners and graphics you create.

Pixal is veri simple to use, you we just need 3 simple steps they are : Open (Pixal is 100% cloud-based so you can access it anywhere, anytime, and from any device), Create (Use the drag and drop editor with multiple elements to instantly create), and Boost (See instant results and more traffic and clicks using Pixal. Up to 300% increase). with Pixal, you can design a graphic that really stands out, think animation, think video embeds (into the graphic), think html embeds (into the graphic), think text effects, think video backgrounds, think huge media database and much much more. Pixal Instantly see more clicks on your banners and graphics when you use Pixal, Pixal banners and graphics instantly engage users quicker than normal static ones and finally More clicks and more engagement means instantly more sales.

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Pixal – Powerful Graphics Software To Create Amazing Graphics & Banners Using The Latest HTML5 Technology and Instantly Get 300% More Clicks From Your Website



Pixal Features And Benefits :

  • Fully Interactive HTML5 Builder: Make ANYTHING clickable and watch your clicks explode as your content becomes fully interactive.
  • Drag & Drop Editor: Professional Canvas designer gives you complete creative control, and is packed with powerful HTML5 features like: pause on mouse-over, multiple hyperlinks, interactive shapes, and transitions, and more.
  • 250,000+ Graphics, Images, And Icons: Including high quality fonts, animations and royalty free stock images. We are adding to this all the time and the database is growing weekly.
  • Clone Technology: Instantly clone your banners and change individual elements to quickly create entire banner ad campaigns.
  • Multi-Format Downloads: Save and download your work in: JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5. Plus we will be adding a mp4 download shortly.
  • Multi-Social: Instantly create social elements like Facebook headers, Twitter cards, and lots more With different banner sizes already built in.
  • Multi-Backgrounds: Keep your banner ad campaigns fresh by choosing from an impressive selection of banner backgrounds including: gradients, images, transparent, triangles, and a whole lot more…
  • 100+ Animated Text Effects: Create eye-popping calls to action for any banner, graphic or image. You have multiple in and out effects for words or letters.
  • Animated Menus With Multiple Hyperlinks: Bring WordPress posts, and entire sites to life with interactive images that send your visitors to different parts of your site or anywhere you choose
  • Image Editor: Fully built in image editor. You can upload and edit any image with many unique filters and editing tools. Plus you can edit anythign in our database.
  • Live Social Media Buttons: Embed any social media button direct to your ad or graphics. get likes direct from the graphic.
  • Add You Tube Videos: You can embed Youtube videos direct to your graphic or banner and they will play and you can add call to actions direct.
  • 3D Button Creator: These stunning 3D buttons will drive your prospects to click – just because they’re there
  • Done-For-You Filters: Manipulate any image to give it a professional gloss with a selection of built in filters.
  • Global Transitions: Choose from a selection of transitions to make any image, banner or graphic outstanding.
  • Cloud Storage: Uplod images into the database and use now or later in your banners and graphics. Plus store as many banners as you need.
  • Shape Creator: Build many different shapes into your banners and graphics and edit them to make even more unique creations
  • Conversion Pixel: Use our conversion pixel to see which banners are actually making you the money. Add our pixel and keep a check of your campaigns.
  • Instant Edits: You can instantly edit any image, graphic, ad or banner you have created. Just edit re-save and it will instantly update the image online.
  • Well Built Software: Over twelve months building the software with $10,000’s of dollars invested. Fully supported by our online tech team.
  • Tracking And Statistics: You can instantly see which of your graphics, banners, ads are getting the most clicks and conversions, with our smart track app.
  • Geo-Targeting: Get more clicks by making your content more personal. Display banners precisely targeted to the city and country your viewers are located in.
  • Unlimited Banner Sizes: There are no restrictions on banner sizes, you can choose from 25 presets or create you own.
  • 100% Cloud Based: Create banners anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Pixal Reviews

Pixal Reviews

Pixal Conversions

Pixal Conversions

Pixal helps marketers, bloggers and advertisers get more clicks by creating state-of-the-art, interactive HTML5 banners, graphics and CTAs, without relying on overpriced designers and restrictive monthly subscriptions. Better yet, Pixal has been proven time and again to generate up to 300% more clicks, even if you’ve ZERO design experience and have never used a banner ad before. Pixal’s powerful canvas editor makes almost any type of graphic clickable. It turns websites and blogs into interactive playgrounds.

Pixal is ease of use and clear direction and The beauty part about Pixal is a huge library of images, elements and templates. You really don’t have to move out of the app. Everything is right there and you can pick it up and start creating your own design. Get Pixal Right Now.

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Pixal – Powerful Graphics Software To Create Amazing Graphics & Banners Using The Latest HTML5 Technology and Instantly Get 300% More Clicks From Your Website

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